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Incremental Marketing is a world-class agency that has designed and executed loyalty & incentive programs throughout our 26-year history.

Having delivered foodservice Growth Incentive Programs in Australia, New Zealand, UAE, USA, and the United Kingdom, Incremental has a unique understanding of the food service sector.

In 2019, we launched a distributor growth program for Kraft Heinz UK called “Growth Partners”. Off the back of exceptional double-digit sales growth in 2023, we are launching our 4th Growth Incentive program for the UK market and are looking for new partners.

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What is a Growth Incentive Program?

Our Food Service Growth incentive program is designed to ensure you do more for your customer in order to GET MORE.

Incentives are “Self funding” and directly measurable.

They will ensure that the majority of your customers’ organic growth and discretionary sales are converted towards your business at the expense of your competitors.

“The growth partners program has been a huge sales success. We’re looking for even more food manufacturers to create a coalition for even greater sales success.”

Mike Pearson,
Kraft Heinz
National Account Controller

Why Join the Growth Incentive Program?

The benefits of Strategic Alliances between Non-Competing Suppliers are huge!

  • Shared costs and savings mean more significant ROI for both partners.
  • Increased engagement from wholesalers who can achieve greater rewards from two suppliers, hence leveraging greater relevance for both suppliers.

Each strategic member that joins will get access to share Growth Partners

  • Custom launch kit and video sales kits
  • Sales tracking website, updated with sales are made with your business.
  • Sales Planner to understand and drive sales lines with distributors. Giving your sales teams targeted tool to plan sales growth on relevant products.
  • Self-funded rewards model, you only pay for rewards once targets are achieved, low budgetary risk
  • Monthly product-focused communications, sell your brand and desired products ranges directly to customers.
  • Program Management and support.

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