Wholesaler & distributor loyalty program

Increase your market power with Incremental

For over 24 years, our wholesaler-distributor loyalty programs have consistently delivered sales growth and new income streams to major buying groups.

In addition to increasing profitability, these loyalty programs also give you strong reasons to connect with customers regularly and build your customer relationships.

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How our wholesaler-distributor loyalty programs work

Structure your wholesaler-distributor loyalty program correctly, and you can partner with your suppliers to fund your loyalty program.

The benefits of your wholesaler-distributor loyalty program include:

  • Create a real point of difference compared to your competitors
  • Provide sustainable reasons to engage your customers regularly
  • Strengthen your relationships with supplier partners who are keen to market directly to your customers
  • Generate an additional income stream – your supplier’s payments for your loyalty program will add to your income

With the correct execution, your wholesaler-distributor loyalty program allows you to build a customer database, informing and underpinning your marketing into the future.

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Securing funding for your loyalty program

Your wholesaler-distributor loyalty program will give your suppliers a large-scale promotional platform. You’ll increase their sales. Plus you’ll also elevate their brands’ visibility.

Because your suppliers will value your loyalty program, Incremental’s model allows you to secure your supplier’s funding in two ways:

  • Participation fees per product, which fund the program’s launch and advertising
  • Ongoing markdowns on the products you buy, which fund all points issued to customers

Overall, our wholesaler-distributor loyalty programs give your business three primary benefits:

  • Your customers feel valued and connected
  • Your suppliers feel empowered and supported
  • Your business achieves growth and funding for the future
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Why choose Incremental

With Incremental, you’ll partner with an agency that will set-up, execute and manage your loyalty program correctly. Our service spans:

  • Loyalty strategy and execution
  • Supplier sell-in
  • Loyalty software platform
  • Data security
  • Launch material
  • Marketing material
  • Digital marketing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Reward fulfilment and distribution
  • Concierge service

Harness the opportunity to build your sales and your business relationships.