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Engage and motivate the people selling your products on the frontline

Too often, businesses find themselves blocked.

If you don’t own the transaction, you struggle to influence the sale, and your marketing comes to a shrieking full-stop.

But you don’t have to work this way.

With Incremental, you can turn your customers’ customers into your friends – while achieving competitive advantage and minimising other market threats.

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Utilise our Upside-Only™ financial model

We’ve run 100+ sales incentive programs, and they’ve each delivered sales growth.

However, before building your sales, first we give you a business case.

You’ll see how to use the profits your program generates to self-fund your sales incentive program.

Want to know how you can self-fund your incentive program?

Gain access to the Incremental self-funding model, Upside Only, to ensure your program is funded through the incremental sales and margin that it generates.

So you only ever fund rewards or prizes after you achieve growth targets.You’ll also see which incentive mechanics engage your B2C or B2B channel partners best.

You’ll also see which incentive mechanics engage your B2C or B2B channel partners best.

To build support for your incentive program, utilise our Upside-Only™ financial model – exclusive to Incremental.

Utilise growth programs and incentives to:

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Maintain your market power

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Block your competitors

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Bind loyalty to your brands

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Win support from your end-customers

Achieve all this in all types of markets:

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Manufacturers and suppliers

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Distributors, dealers, franchisees and retailers

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Sales team brokers

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End-user customers

After running over 100 sales incentive programs, we’ve never failed to deliver incremental profitable sales growth.

USA program sales growth
Middle East, Pakistan & Sri Lanka program sales growth
Australia & New Zealand program sales growth

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Set the stage for sales teams to perform

Maintaining program engagement is always key.

Utilise our cloud-based Incentive Platform to ensure your sales partners can always see their next reward and exactly how they can achieve it.

All our programs come with tailored marketing plans. These plans leverage your unique business drivers and build engagement throughout your program. Each marketing plan includes a digital and physical launch pack, regular email communications and key milestone notifications.

Reward exceptional performance in exceptional ways.

Tailor our Incentive Platform to mix business rewards, aspirational rewards and travel rewards. From Ferraris to safaris, you’ll find a reward range without equal.

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Helping you create strategic alliances – Incremental’s power of 2

In channel marketing, forming strategic partnerships can quickly expand your market power.

When you team up with two or more non-competing businesses, the whole can make you greater than the sum of your parts. You’ll share costs, increase engagement and reach a greater number of end-customers.

With Incremental, you’ll partner with the market leader in helping businesses form strategic alliances. Some of these strategic alliance partnerships are now entering their seventh year.

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Access to Adventure Incentive Program

To actively engage independent foodservice companies in the United States, Incremental created one of the world’s most inspiring incentive programs, Access to Adventure.

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My Golden Ticket Incentive Program

Delivering 57% growth year-on-year

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Access to Adventure

Three years on and still going strong.
Client: Unilever Food Solutions USA and Canada
Years running: Three
Average sales growth per year: TBA
Sales growth last year: 11%

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Testimonial video – Jason Norton

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