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The all-in-one loyalty and incentive platform.

The software behind your loyalty or incentive program is critical to your results. It’s what builds engagement with your members, your customers and your business.

At Incremental, we’ve put our 24 years of experience to good use to develop an incentive and loyalty platform that has everything you need to run a successful program.

What are you interested in?

LORI for loyalty programs

LORI for incentive programs

Simple, easy to use and most importantly customisable

While the technology behind LORI may be ours, it’s 100% customisable allowing you to make it look, feel and sound completely like you and your business.

So, when your members log into your program, they see your brand, what you have to offer and what you stand for as a business – stylised in a way that reflects your existing website.

LORI is our exclusive, state-of-the-art incentive and loyalty solution, which is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands:

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How can LORI help build your loyalty program?

LORI contains all the loyalty essentials

Customised rewards

Showcases Incremental’s customised reward selection each with full technical specification.

Easy to view

For the full loyalty program experience, LORI allows your members to view the rewards pool from the start of the program, as well as their points value.

Points + pay

Feeling like your dream reward is unattainable can really slow a program’s momentum which is why LORI allows your members to pay the points value difference.

plus loyalty behavioural drivers

Email communication

With creative welcome emails available, progress tracking emails ready to be populated and tactical campaign strategies on hand; LORI helps you engage your members to drive a change in behaviour throughout the program.

Reporting and dashboards

The platform also gives you access to reports and dashboards that showcase how many points have been earned and claimed, as well as leader boards and milestone completions – helping you alter your comms plan accordingly to drive results.

Bonus points

Watch a video and complete a customised survey for bonus points.

Build your incentive program with LORI

LORI contains all the incentive essentials

Customised to look like you

Showcases your customised program featuring your travel program or aspirational rewards. Your launch video, housed on the website, provides customers with a quick snapshot about your offer and how they can achieve.

Redemption tools

Includes either event registration system or modern shopping cart to claim rewards.

Monitor performance

Multiple levels of client administration provides transparency to monitor customer or team performance 24/7.

plus incentive behavioural drivers

Track your progress

Performance tracking by customer daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our Traffic Light Reports, performance statements and dashboards are best in class.

What gets measured gets done

Our team leaderboards ensure transparency and drive effort.

Uncapped rolling target

Our platform uniquely drives customers towards continuous growth to maximise their earning capacity.

Engage and motivate the people selling your products on the frontline.