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Building customer relationships and sales

In an industry suffering flat growth, Silver Chef also faced new competitors trying to steal profits. To protect their customer relationships and bottom-line, Silver Chef turned to Incremental.

Key achievements

Sales growth
Retention of their customers
Of all points earned by the dealers were claimed

The Challenge

When hospitality businesses need equipment, for 30 years they’ve turned to Silver Chef to fund these high-value purchases. Recently however, new competitors threatened to undercut Silver Lining and steal its customers. In a market suffering zero growth, Silver Chef needed to protect profits by reinforcing customer relationships.


The Solution

To enable Silver Chef to build customer relationships, Incremental proposed a high-touch, high-value dealer loyalty program, Silver Lining Rewards.

At this program’s core, a simple offer prevailed: with Silver Chef, every sale has a silver lining.

Plus the program made the value of this silver lining abundantly clear.

Using branded re-loadable credit cards, Silver Chef’s dealer-customers could convert their points into cash. Alternatively, Silver Chef’s dealer-customers could choose valuable high-end rewards.

A mobile-friendly website functioned as the program’s hub. Each sale that dealer-customers made turned into reward points automatically. So every time, a dealer-customer visited the site, they could spot their progress and the value of their rewards instantly.

Similarly, dealer-customers could reward themselves in seconds by loading up their credits cards.

Importantly, we built this website hub – plus its rich range of functions – quickly and cost-effectively utilising our proprietary cloud-based Loyalty Platform. These functions allowed dealer-customers to track their progress, and their team’s progress, and to move up successive reward tiers, depending on their total sales.

This website hub also allowed the Silver Chef understand dealer-customer growth and engagement, and target their in-house sales team’s activities more strategically.

Another program driver landed in dealer-customer inboxes. These data-rich eDMs showed dealers their total points instantly, the cash-value of their points and their reward tier. The program’s eDMs also enabled dealer-customers to reward themselves instantly.

Finally, the program gave Silver Chef’s most valuable dealer-customers the VIP treatment: these dealers received a concierge service for claiming and booking top-tier high-value rewards, plus they enjoyed a three-day, all-expenses-paid business retreat.

Data-rich personalised eDMs – with an average 84% click-through rate 84% click-through rate – also kept Silver Chef’s dealer-customers engaged with the program.


Thanks to their Silver Lining reward program, Silver Chef blocked their competitors from stealing any customers. Plus, despite the industry suffering zero-growth, the reward program delivered 24% sales growth.

This program’s rich rewards and strong engagement levels meant Silver Chef’s dealer-customers claimed 98% of all points earned. Aside from loading cash onto the dealers’ reloadable VISA cards, the program also rewarded dealer-customers by purchasing a Rolls Royce and booking Greek Island holidays.

"Silver Chef have worked with Incremental for over three years and they have consistently delivered an outstanding and industry leading rewards program. IMG’s focus and dedication to the foodservice industry has allowed them to transform our dealer network and deliver year-on-year growth of 24%, with a monthly claim rate on average of 80%. IMG’s innovative direction coupled with their passion has made working alongside them a breeze and Silver Chef are proud to be associated with such an incredible agency” #dreamteam."

Alana Hesse

Silver Chef Hospitality Equipment Funding
Marketing Executive

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