Roar Rhythm Incentive Program

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In a flat foodservice industry, the five largest Australiasian foodservice brands teamed together to create a unique incentive program that delivered outstanding ROI and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their customers.

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Key achievements

Sales growth year-on-year

Achieving customers

Rewarded travellers


The Challenge

With market growth stalled at 1%, Australasia’s five largest foodservice brands came together to grow market share and ensure profit targets were achieved. They turned to Incremental to deliver this result.


The Solution

Insights learned from a previous program (Aloha Canada) ensured Roar Rhythm worked as hard as possible for the lowest possible outlay.

In particular, Incremental understood that in a stagnant market, a strategic alliance (now including the world’s largest food company, Nestle )and a compelling incentive proposition could drive ROI. And what a step-change Roar Rhythm delivered.

Before Roar Rhythm launched, Incremental spotted a raft of mutual benefits for the strategic partners. While these partners shared the same customers, their product lines didn’t overlap. So the strategic partners didn’t compete with each other directly. But when these foodservice brands teamed up, customers could see instantly how the travel rewards were both desirable and attainable. Sales from all five foodservice brands earned customers points towards a trip of a lifetime to Africa. This amplified the incentive proposition for customers, and improved traction and ROI.

As well as strengthening the incentive proposition, the event strengthened relationships between our clients and their customers.

Simply Life-Changing

When you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, there’s no better time to build relationships. Partners and spouses accompanied customers on the adventure. Plus care was taken to give participants memories they’d cherish for decades, including experiences with Africa’s Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and African buffalos.

In addition to these eye-opening experiences, opportunities throughout the adventure allowed participants to bond, network and relive what they’d seen. From airport and hotel welcomes to exclusive cocktail dining events and unique interactive activities that only large scale numbers can deliver, Incremental brought the customers together, which strengthened relationships to the strategic partners’ brands. Plus a relevant and timely presentation investigating Foodservice eCommerce added professional insights to the African adventure.

The strategic partners split launch costs, communication costs and campaign management costs evenly. Then, using Incremental’s unique Token Funding Model, each strategic partner tracked each customer’s sales. This allowed each partner to pay only the proportion of each travel reward associated with their increased sales. Incremental tracked and measured this data, and provided ongoing updates, ensuring full visibility and cost management for the alliance partners.

Finally, Roar Rhythm was completely self-funded. All five strategic partners paid for Roar Rhythm using incremental sales and margins. The five partners used Incremental’s “Upside Only Self-Funding Model”, which allowed the partners to sidestep prohibitive upfront costs. Instead, the partners used the margins delivered by Roar Rhythm’s increased sales to pay their proportion of the travel rewards.


In a stagnant market, Roar Rhythm increased each partner’s sales by between 15% and 29% year-on-year.

Two tiers provided the ideal way to maintain engagement for both small and large customers.

The Tier 1 reward included three nights in Capetown and two nights on a magnificent private game reserve in Kapama. The Tier 2 high-achievers enjoyed the Capetown and safari experiences, and then visited Victoria Falls where they flew over, and paddled beneath, the largest waterfall in the world.

Roar Rhythm was Simply Life-Changing for customers, clients and brands.