KoruGreen – Our Commitment to Net Zero by 2030.

We kick off the sustainability journey by committing to making all the 212F Group Travel Incentives, Conferences & Events net zero.

At ZERO COST to our clients!

212F Group is made up of brands and operations of 212F Australia and New Zealand, 212F Labs, Incremental and iChoose Visa prepaid cards and our love for loyalty, incentives and rewards, combined with our passion for working towards a better future, has given birth to our new sustainability initiative, KoruGreen.

As the leading independent agency for B2B loyalty, incentive and reward programs in New Zealand and Australia, we have always moved the needle regarding new developments and offers in the marketplace. Taking that same view on sustainability, 212F Group wanted to authentically make a change in the world and raise the bar across the industry.

The commitment

We are committed to net zero across all our programs by 2030.

We kick this journey off by committing to making all Travel Incentives, Conferences & Events net zero. We will measure, report, and balance every travel, conference, and event program at zero cost to their clients. Balancing unavoidable carbon emissions will be achieved through investing in projects which draw down carbon on the Group’s behalf.

For each travel incentive, conference, and events program, we will provide the following:

  • Pre-estimate impacts using the KoruGreen Calculator
  • Align clients’ company values and program activity themes.
  • Engage clients and staff in being ‘Climate Positive’.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce GHG impacts and take those steps.
  • Measure and report GHG impact for each project.
  • Invest in carbon offsets to balance unavoidable GHGs

Industry Leaders

We have partnered with Meegan Jones, an event sustainability professional focussing her efforts on using the power of events for positive action while also ensuring the events themselves are produced sustainably. Together, they have developed a greenhouse gas (GHG) Calculator, KoruGreen. The calculator is unique to the loyalty and incentives industry and is the first of its kind specifically designed to estimate the impact of 212F Group’s highest emitting domestic & international activities – Travel Incentives, Conferences, and Events. The KoruGreen Calculator helps estimate greenhouse gas emissions based on the  GHG Protocol corporate standard and offers users a step-by-step process to estimate company emissions for specific programs or incentives on offer.

The outcome – a clear view of the impact of each travel & event we manage for our clients. Rather than provide our clients with a report for them to action – we will do that at OUR COST!

It is how we can guarantee we make our Travel Incentives, Events and Conferences Net Zero now – we will pay for the carbon offsets from every program we deliver.

What makes the pledge so good is that across all its Travel Incentives, Conferences & Events, 212F Group will take complete responsibility for the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions at zero cost to their clients. 212F will do this by investing in projects that reduce emissions via the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform.

We are the only Travel Incentive, Conference & Event provider in Australia and New Zealand & likely globally to provide a full carbon offset at our cost, and we are proud of it. We believe the KoruGreen Initiative will inspire other organisations to join us in the net zero journey.

212F Group will also provide clients with guidance on reducing emissions in their program, an end-of-program report on CO2eq consumption and an annual sustainability report outlining details of the sustainability initiatives. 212F Group will also give all its customers visibility of the UN climate action project expenditure and an internal operational sustainably audit.

You can read all about the KoruGreen initiative here – 212f.com/korugreen