Loyalty programs matter: 5 loyalty-building tactics

Allowing a loyalty program to go stale by not upgrading it should be outlawed! To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are 5 ways to update your loyalty program:

Look for additional engagement opportunities

Perhaps you engage when it’s a customer’s birthday, and again when you’re having a sale, and then again around Christmas time. It’s predictable, and it’s not necessarily going to bring you the best sales results. Customers love receiving communication with a generous offer that they weren’t expecting, so keep customers engaged by incorporating additional point earning opportunities.

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Segment in new ways

Data segmentation has probably come a long way since your first foray into loyalty, so learning new segmentation techniques with all that data your program creates is the key to unlocking the greater potential within your program. If you’re not collecting the sort of information that enables you to segment your customers, then maybe it’s time to look at a customer relationship management (CRM) system upgrade.

Shake up your communication

Maybe you’re segmenting, but are you always communicating with your loyal customers via email? Try shaking up your communication tools. Give snail mail a try by creating a gorgeous postcard. Or, shoot one segment of your customers a special offer via SMS. If you’re happy with the results, roll the offer out to all your customers. For example, for Landmark, we generated 1,165 new members just by shaking up our communication from digital to direct mail. Also, overhaul your communication style, which even a new copywriter with a fresh set of eyes can achieve for you. Also consider whether your customers know the distance until the next tier or reward, or whether they’re aware of their points balance. Consistent communication is the core of a successful campaign.

Overhaul the rewards offering

Getting a fresh perspective on how to create value within your rewards program could revitalise it and bring fresh interest. Look for ways to bring provide greater value to your customers, so that they are being rewarded faster. And yes, this can potentially be achieved without costing your business much extra, if you know what you’re doing. Which we do.

Offer incentives to join your program

So many businesses focus solely on getting information out of customers that they forget to sell their loyalty program. Remember, your customers will give you the data you need if you incentivise them with an offer that’s too good to refuse. Do this by creating a relationship with your customer around the benefits they can have by enrolling in your loyalty program. This way the customer feels rewarded and appreciated from the very beginning. For more ways to overhaul your loyalty program, give us a call. 20 years in the biz means we can help you.

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